What's your level of digitalization?

E-invoices are great, but they often have a purchase order to go with.

By digitalizing the full order-to-cash flow, you'll know exactly what and when has been ordered, delivered, and invoiced. You'll have lower costs, higher accuracy, and optimized inventory and delivery.

Hassle-free invoicing

Seamless data flows from ERP to invoicing, and orders that match your catalogs.

A constantly growing portion of e-invoices, backed-up with PDFs and paper when needed - with superb Track & Trace.

And no more struggles with compliancy.

Send in all channels & formats

We've worked with digital O2C processes for decades, sending and receiving in all channels and formats, including PEPPOL, Svefaktura, KIVRA, and more, as both a service provider and network operator in one.

Invoice Sending

E-invoices, PDFs & paper

Send all your invoices automatically in the most digital way your customer is able to receive.

Send in full compliancy with EN 16931 via PEPPOL, point-to-point connections, KIVRA, Internetbank, - however you and your customers prefer it.

O2C Messaging

Full supply chain flow

Receive purchase orders directly into your ERP, and send back order responses and despatch advices.

Keep the ownership of your documents while letting an experienced partner handle the exchange according to all requirements.

Save at least 40% in process costs

Seamless ERP integration

Reduce errors and significantly speed up your billing by receiving orders and sending invoices via your ERP.

All channels & formats

Send and receive supply chain documents however your receiver wants it - including KIVRA & Internet bank.

Real-time visibility

Monitor all that's been exchanged and sent in our best-in-breed Track & Trace by anyone in your organization.

Experts' insights

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