Reach 95% invoice automation level

E-invoices are great, but they often have an order to go with.

Exchanging all the supply chain documents digitally allows the sell-side to eliminate PDF & paper invoicing, and the buy-side to raise the AP automation level to the max. It means higher efficiency and better accuracy - all with lower costs.

Enable PO matching

It pays off - for all.

Couple up your ERP and workflow systems to exchange e-orders. Monitor the order and delivery status with ultimate transparency. Finally, simply match the e-invoices automatically with the orders.

No manual work needed.

OpusCapita is a leading European provider of e-invoicing solutions, O2C & P2P messaging services, and advanced procurement services. With our cloud-based solutions, we help you better manage your procurement, supply chain and AP & AR, getting your payments in faster, lowering your processing costs, and bringing you savings. Digitalize your business with OpusCapita.

Accounts receivable solutions

Multi-channel cloud invoicing expanded to order-to-cash

Receive electronic sales orders directly into your ERP, and send back order responses and despatch advices. Send all your invoices automatically in the most electronic way your customer is able to receive thanks to the automatic channel management.

Accounts payable solutions

Multi-channel invoice receiving & processing expanded to purchase-to-pay

Send electronic purchase orders and goods receipts directly from your ERP. Receive e-invoices, PDF and paper invoices into a single invoice workflow. Leverage touchless invoice processing topped with artificial intelligence.

Data integration and interoperability

Expanding network

Connect to all your suppliers and customers, centralizing AP & AR processes to one interlinked hub.

Real-time transparency

Monitor all that's been sent, received, processed, or rejected in our best-in-breed Track & Trace.

Full compliancy

Meet e-invoicing regulations such as the EU standard EN 16931, PEPPOL - anything you need.

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Business Network solutions

More e-invoices without any daily effort
Invoice Sending

Automated invoicing via all invoicing channels, including e-invoices, KIVRA, iPost, PDF and paper invoicing.


Fully digital order-to-cash process from e-orders to delivery to the invoices, enabling full AR automation.

Free supplier tools

Receiving e-orders and sending e-invoices with an easy PO flip for suppliers without a billing system.

Expanding network

Interoperability via the OpusCapita network, PEPPOL, other network providers, and point-to-point EDI connections.

Invoice Receiving

E-invoice receiving service coupled with invoice scanning and data capture into a single accounts payable workflow.


Fully digital purchase-to-pay process from purchase orders to the invoices, enabling PO matching and full AP automation.

Invoice Automation

Up to a 95% invoice automation level with touchless processing, using automated matching and postings, topped with AI.


Fully compliant document exchange with the EU standard EN 16931, PEPPOL, TEappsXML, Finvoice, and more.

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