Endless automation possibilities

Increase your AP productivity, shorten lead times and reduce errors by replacing manual work with highly sophisticated automation, optimized for high invoice volumes.

Centralize all your invoices into one system. Ensure systematic processing with e.g. contract & PO-based processing, automated postings and 3-way matching. Further improve your automation level with artificial intelligence.

Visual workflow

Enjoy working with a visual approval workflow like never before! See changes in the visualization immediately, making both editing and viewing easy.

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Speed up
your e-transition

Gain more e-invoicing receivers
without any daily effort

Stop putting effort into maintaining your customers’ delivery preferences, as our solution continuously checks for the receivers’ e- invoicing capability for you. Whenever possible, your invoices are sent out electronically, reducing PDF and paper delivery and lowering your price per transaction. In addition, you can boost your digitalization further by easily campaigning for more of your invoice receivers to register for e-invoicing, in our complimentary Business Network Portal.Sounds interesting? Scroll down for more info!

Give visibility to all
who need it

Discover our Business Network Portal
for track&trace and reporting

Discover the meaning of easy transaction follow-up by granting access to track&trace for anyone in your organization without extra cost. Business Network Portal provides a real-time view to all data that has been exchanged and sent, including e-invoices, PDFs sent by email, as well as paper invoices. The simple portal view makes it also easy, for example for your customer service team, to see, download and exchange billing event data in their interaction with your customers.

Why choose OpusCapita?

All your invoices sent in
all formats & channels

Enjoy seamless & compliant invoice Sending as e-invoices, PDFs or paper in the Northern & Central Europe.

Automatic e-transition without any daily effort

Benefit from automated channel management and gain more e-invoicing receivers, boosting digitalization.

Manual work replaced
with digital
reliability & speed

Automate your AR process, improving productivity, reducing errors and Significantly speeding up your billing.

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Heikki Pulli
Sales Director
heikki.pulli@opuscapita.com +358 50 386 6233
Heikki Pulli
Sales Director
heikki.pulli@opuscapita.com +358 50 386 6233
Heikki Pulli
Sales Director
heikki.pulli@opuscapita.com +358 50 386 6233
Heikki Pulli
Sales Director
heikki.pulli@opuscapita.com +358 50 386 6233

OpusCapita is a leading European provider of e-invoicing solutions, O2C & P2P messaging services, and advanced procurement services. With our cloud-based solutions, we help you better manage your procurement, supply chain and AP & AR, getting your payments in faster, lowering your processing costs, and bringing you savings. Digitalize your business with OpusCapita.