The Grand Comeback

We're hosting a virtual event on September 21st, 2022, at 2-4 PM EET / 1-3 PM CET, and everyone is invited!

In the event, you'll hear how OpusCapita has been rebuilding the technical foundation that our solutions run on, and how we are now very proud to present our offering with the best technology that the industry has to offer. We’ve first wanted to serve our existing customers to move to the new platform. Now, however, we’re ready to make these treats available for the world.

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Sept 21st, times in EET (Helsinki, Finland).

14:00 Welcome - Hanna Backman

14:05 The new Business Network platform - Per Åberg

14:20 Customer interview with - Lari Hevonoja

14:50 eProcurement developments - Robert Saenger

15:00 Customer interview with Peab - Alina Nilander

15:30 Insights to market trends - Ahti Allikas

15:45 OpusCapita's future - Øivind Kirksæter

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Interview on Order-to-Cash

Online retailer is known for their remarkable consumer sales. However, they also have notable B2B sales, receiving electronic orders and sending back order responses and e-invoices via OpusCapita Business Network.

Interview with B2B Sales Director Lari Hevonoja discusses how leverages the benefits of this digitalization and how it helps the company reach their strategic goals.


Interview on Purchase-to-Pay

Construction and civil engineering company Peab has been an OpusCapita customer since 2019, using both OpusCapita eProcurement and Business Network solutions to optimize their supply chain collaboration and digitalize all their purchasing.

Interview with Development Manager Alina Nilander unfolds how Peab uses OpusCapita solutions today, and what benefits it brings to their daily business.

Why choose OpusCapita?

All your invoices sent in
all formats & channels

Enjoy seamless & compliant invoice Sending as e-invoices, PDFs or paper in the Northern & Central Europe.

Automatic e-transition without any daily effort

Benefit from automated channel management and gain more e-invoicing receivers, boosting digitalization.

Manual work replaced
with digital
reliability & speed

Automate your AR process, improving productivity, reducing errors and Significantly speeding up your billing.

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Sept 21st, 2-4 PM EET / 1-3 PM CET

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Per Åberg
Head of Products,
Business Network

Automation evangelist with over 20 years of experience within EDI and integration, Per will present the new technical platform that all our Business Network solutions run on, and the benefits it opens for the e-invoice and business message exchange.

Robert Saenger
Head of Business Division,

With over 20 years of experience in global source-to-pay, Robert will take you to where great AP automation starts - procurement. Robert will also give an overview of the key focus areas of our eProcurement development.

Ahti Allikas
Head of Partners and Networks,
Business Network

Responsible for the e-invoice network and interoperability development at OpusCapita, and a member of PEPPOL and EESPA communities, Ahti will walk you through the main trends influencing business message exchange, open networks, and legal compliancy.

Øivind Kirksæter

With 30 years of experience within IT and process digitization, Øivind will talk about OpusCapita's tremendous change during the last two years, turning into one of the most advanced and future looking vendors of our services, in Europe and globally.

OpusCapita is a leading European provider of e-invoicing solutions, O2C & P2P messaging services, and advanced procurement services. With our cloud-based solutions, we help you better manage your procurement, supply chain and AP & AR, getting your payments in faster, lowering your processing costs, and bringing you savings. Digitalize your business with OpusCapita.